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The Adventures of Julian Brooks


The Author

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Writing, for me, is just as vivid an experience as watching a movie—even more so at times. Such an elaborate imagination is a blessing and the ability to convey that imagery is euphoric. Words are fascinating. They're the ultimate Lego blocks, except you don't have to pay a premium for them.

With these words we can tell stories and evoke the imagination of others... That is the beauty of writing that can never be denied.


The Artist


The Visionary

epoch studios

EPOCH Studios is an indie publishing company dedicated to heralding a new age of Fantasy and Science-Fiction stories, regardless of what form of media they may take. EPOCH's mission is to become a pylon for captivating indie art, highlighting works and serving as a beacon for the uninitiated consumer in search of pure artistry. We are creators.

We are urban artists & storytellers.


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We're like-minded artists trying to get ahead. Where's the sense in not joining forces? You’ve got a project. I’ve got a project. Surely we can work something out. Let’s collaborate. I’ll bring my best if you bring yours. If you’re interested in checking out the projects I’m working on just click the button below. Or, if you think my style would mix well with your project then feel free to contact me. Either way, this industry is big enough for all of us.





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